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The MASSIV database has been developed INAF-IASF Milano1 within the framework of the MASSIV ESO Large Program on high redshift galaxies dynamics (PI T.Contini).

Direct public login to the data published in MASSIV papers, can be performed through this link. Please, remember to logout once you have finished your work and to delete any file you have stored into the shared user data area.

Should you use any of these data for a scientific publication, please add in your paper an acknowledgement such as the following: This research has made use of MASSIV data (Contini et al. 2012) and its Database System.

Any question, support request or bug notification can be sent to B. Garilli.

1 B. Garilli, L. Chiappetti, P. Franzetti, M. Fumana, L. Paioro, M. Scodeggio